When Christmas time starts in 2018

After the New year we will have a lot of other equally happy holidays. The longest of them are Christmas, because they will last more than one day.

Yuletide is one of the important religious events which people begin to celebrate the birth of Christ and before Baptism. With this time associated with many important traditions. Some of them inherited from our ancestors, and many have appeared recently. But do not forget that, first and foremost, this celebration has a religious meaning. Therefore, it is necessary to honor the Orthodox canons and to attend Church as often as possible, but first you need to know when will be Yuletide in 2018 and in Russia it is accepted to celebrate this event.

When will start the Yuletide in 2018

It cannot be denied that each of us loves the holidays in the first place because in these days we have the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of fun. In 2018, the Yuletide, as usual, will start from January 7 and will continue till Epiphany, that is, until the 19th. However, it is believed that this celebration can have on Christmas Eve — January 6. This day ends the long period of advent, it is not recommended to eat until the first star. Then come the Holy days, and you need to meet them cheerfully and with dignity. Be sure to cover a wide table with a huge abundance of food that was forbidden to eat during the Lenten 40 days. Don’t forget to invite a guest and be sure to congratulate them, because Yuletide is not only fun, but also quite a long holiday, so you will have plenty of time to please congratulate all your loved ones.

How to celebrate Christmas

The tradition of this festival was developed in antiquity. After a long abstinence from fun and noisy activities believers can have fun and not think about bans. A very important point — this is the beginning of the Christmas period. Some people start to celebrate it the evening of the 6th of January. Lay the table, serve lots of tasty treats and of course, drum up the house guests. On this day you will have a lot of time to spend cooking, as by tradition, the table must be at least 12 dishes — this will help to bring the house abundance and prosperity.

Do not forget about entertainment. Usually during this period, our ancestors often took to the streets, sang and danced. Trouble yourself to do the heavy work in the Yuletide prohibited, because at this time people need to have fun, to work hard later. From 7 to 19 January, it is recommended not to baptize the children, but encouraged for weddings and matchmaking.

Especially popular with girls are Yule divination: therefore, any young girl can find out if she was destined to become a bride and loving wife this year. You can now use this method and learn about your future husband, after all the rituals carried out at Christmas time always brings positive result.

According to astrologers, in 2018, we will finally be able to relax and unwind from the trials that brought us the Fiery Cock. Find out what prepared for January, Yellow earth Dog, with an astrological forecast for each Sign of the Zodiac. We congratulate you with the coming holidays, we wish you success and prosperity in the new year