When bathing in the ice hole at the Baptism in 2018

Swimming in the chop — the old ceremony, which annually make many people in our country. Soon you will be able to join a favorite Russian tradition, and in this article, you will learn when to do it best.

Despite the fact that new year celebrations are over, the holiday season is not over yet. Traditionally, January 19, Orthodox believers celebrate the great feast of the Baptism of the Lord. This day involves a lot of traditions and rituals, and the most popular of them is swimming in the hole. Every year thousands of people bathe in sanctified water, to provide health and cleanse his soul from sin. The team dailyhoro.ru offers you to find out when is the best time to perform the ritual bathing in the Baptism of the Lord.

Swimming in the hole 19 of January 2018

Epiphany is one of the most revered Orthodox events. Over time, this festival has acquired many traditions, and one of them was swimming in the chop. Anyone who decides to make this rite, just have to know about its features so as not to harm your health.

Before the consecration of the water in the ice cut a hole in the ice, called Jordan. This name was in honor of the river in which he baptized the Son of God. After that the priest puts in the water, a crucifix and says a prayer. The man who decided to perform the rite of ablution should three times to dive into the hole head first, but before that, need to pray.

It is believed that through the baptismal water, you can get rid of illnesses and sins. However, this ritual is performed not by all believers, because not everyone can put their health at risk.

When is the best time to swim in the ice-hole on Epiphany

When swimming in ice-hole on Epiphany — the eve of the feast or as the day of the event? This question worries many people who want to make swimming in the hole. It is believed that the evening of 18 January the best time to visit the Church to pray and take Holy water home.

At the end of the evening service, on the night of 19 January, anyone can take a dip in the consecrated water. The most appropriate time is the period from 00:00 to 01:30. According to legends, at this time, the water takes on a strong medicinal properties, which often helped people to get rid of diseases.

If for any reason you are not able to perform the ritual bathing at night, then you can do it in the morning, afternoon or evening, January 19. If in connection with the condition you do not have the opportunity to plunge into the icy water in the middle of January, just wash with Epiphany water accumulated in the hole.

After bathing be sure to say a prayer to the rite benefit not only your body but also the soul.

Our ancestors emphasized the importance of such a great Orthodox events as the Baptism of the Lord. Despite the fact that this holiday is a religious one, it involves a lot of people take that earlier people preferred to believe. Let you always accompany happiness and success,