When advent begins in 2017

Most blessed feast of Christmas is preceded by advent. This is the second most important position in Orthodoxy, so it is given special attention from the Church.

Christmas is one of the most important holidays in the Orthodox Church. Prepare for it very hard, but many think that it is possible not to fast, because it is a time of joy. This is not so, because under the mask of happiness is still hiding large trials experienced by the virgin who brought forth the Messiah, the Savior of all things — Jesus Christ.

What Christmas post

During lent recalls the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. The virgin Mary was born to two people who could not have children. They prayed to God day and night to grant them a child, and their prayers were not in vain. The girl was born not just. Spiritual contract was concluded between the Heavens and the parents of the expectant virgin. The girl gave to the Church at a young age to serve God. She grew up and did what they were supposed to.

The post corresponds to the 40 days prayer of the virgin Mary. She already knew that she will give birth to the Messiah, and understood that it is a huge responsibility, so constantly prayed. That is why this feast is the great and really bright, and the post is very important and compulsory for all. As you know, there is no way that the pain and suffering remained aimless. The virgin saw the light of God and found her happiness.

In addition, it is important to remember that the virgin Mary knew that her son should die for man the forgiveness of their sins. This holiday has an important meaning, because few people are wondering about how was the virgin Mary to understand it.

Features of advent in 2017

In 2017, the post will begin, as always, November 28, and ending January 6, 2018. The fact that Christmas neperehodimyh holiday with a fixed date. The post will last for 40 days, for which you will need to limit yourself in pleasure. Try not to watch entertainment programs on television, not to be discouraged, do not violate the rules of eating:

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, eat only foods of plant origin, not cooked, not fried, without oil. You can eat, like bread, dried vegetables and fruits, nuts;
on Thursdays and Tuesdays in the diet can add hot, and vegetable oil;
4 Dec and from 2 to 5 January, as well as any Saturday and Sunday, the Church allows the eating of fish and wine.

Try to attend worship, to fast and to quit at least for a while bad habits. Pray more and help others. Be creative, attentive to all. Fasting physically and spiritually, adhering to Church rules.

Advent is the first and last post of the year. It symbolizes the beginning and the end, which flow into each other, it represents the infinity of the reign of Jesus Christ and the infinity of his power, which aims at the salvation of all and everyone. Will finish this year with dignity, celebrate the New year purified. Praying, fasting and wait for the great holiday — Christmas.