Wheel of the Year Samhain celebrations in October 2017

Samhain — the feast, which occupies a special position in the Celtic calendar. On this day, the role of the underworld in our lives. Many hold a seance to see into the future or closure.

In 2017, October is filled with energetically powerful days. One of them falls on the Celtic holiday of Samhain. The fact is that the ancient Celts then the Scandinavians, believed that time is a wheel which revolves the whole year. One turn of the wheel — a new beginning, and updated it once in each season. According to legends, in the night from October 31 to November 1 at the surface there is an otherworldly power that can overshadow your life, and to save her from harm. The main thing — not to enter into dissonance with the energy of the festival, mixing it up with Halloween. Though these holidays have a common origin, but they differ in their energy, and power.

Wheel of the Year: the feast of Samhain

Wheel of the year is an annual cycle of life. Successive festivals, there are the followers of Wicca and modern European pagans. The ancient Celts divided the year into four approximately equal quarters, which approximately correspond to the modern. However, the holidays separated for months, but the Sabbath, the main events in life, and Ecbatane — moon phases.

Sabbath or Sabbaths are eight major holidays, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life from its beginnings to the Exodus and transformation. It’s a magical time that ends with a celebration of death and the memory of the dead — Samhain. Translated from the Celtic Samhain — “summer’s end”. It’s the triumph of death prior to birth and the cycle of life.

31 Oct erased all boundaries between the worlds of the dead opens the door to the world of the living: the other seeks to go outside and enslave the human world. The Celts believed that on this night, on the earth of deities, spirits, and messengers of other worlds. People were coming short-term period of war, connections, billing or paying karmic debts.

The traditions of the Samhain festival

Samhain — the holiday of peace, unity, and peace. In the night from October 31 to November 1, the people come into balance with themselves and the world in General. Everyone at this time there is a chance to look inside yourself to see all that separates you from living a happy life. It is a day of strength, which gives a powerful spiritual stimulus, the emotional impetus and information keys. Expanding horizons, deepening knowledge, changing the Outlook. Secret information literally lie on the surface. In order to notice them, open your heart to hear the inner voice, carefully watching the signs and signs of destiny.

But esoteric practices and sought inner rebirth through magic and ancient rituals. Because on this day the line between the world and the underworld was erased, and was able to find the answers to all the questions through Ouija sessions, the call of the spirits and helpers. Even a person who does not possess psychic abilities when alone, can acutely feel the presence of spirit even to see him. So if you don’t want to touch the subtle vibrations of the underworld, do not light candles, do not sit for long near the mirror and do not walk at night. Another thing, if you are interested in this area and you wish to contact the deceased.

How to hold a séance

A seance is not carried out in isolation — it always takes a few people, from three to six. To achieve the desired effect in the group should be people with a strong energy potential, which is charge of all present. The mystery, of which we speak, should be carried out between 12 midnight and 4 am. The festival Samhain is considered a powerful time, it will be your privilege, amplifying the activity of the spirit.

In a darkened room the light should come only from the lit candles. Welcome aroma oils and a variety of spices, which lured the spirits. The door to the room in which you will conduct the session, it is customary to leave ajar, the visitor from another world could easily get in and out. In order not to summon evil entities, you should use the photo of the deceased, you want to call to his aid.

The people conducting the session, seated in a circle, the center of which is placed a Ouija Board, around lit candles. On a saucer, which will need a little to hold it over a fire, you should draw an arrow and put it in the center of the Board. The pointer saucer all have to make the tips of his fingers, closing the circle. Now everybody needs to encourage the spirit aloud: “the Spirit (his name), hear us and come!”. Be prepared for the fact that the other entity can come to you for a long time, so cast your spells until you feel the presence of the spirit in the room.

When the spirit comes, he will give himself, showing you that he hears and is ready to help. He can lift a saucer or reject it aside. Participants who want to deceive your trust, will not be able to do it, because fraud is very noticeable. And tremors that chill will be on the back, is difficult to confuse with something else.

Questions the spirit asks one man. To establish a connection with him, you should first ask only Yes and no questions which require answers “Yes” or “no” and then proceed to more complex. Do not ask the entity questions, associated with death and afterlife — it may annoy her. By the time when you finish to ask of the spirit, it should thank for the help and tap the plate three times on a wooden surface. This is done in order to otherworldly guest has left.

Samhain — the magical and dangerous time. It behooves us to watch what we do, what we say, what they think. The energy of this day could affect your future life, so treat Saminu seriously. Release your past, accept life for what it is, and tune change. We wish you good mood, success,