What’s going on with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Znamenitka review received news of the seizure of people’s artist hostage

Today in mass media there was information that Armen Dzhigarkhanyan… taken hostage. Natalia Korneeva, the press service of the theater Armen Borisovich said that the story with the departure of the people’s artist of house wife “was “inflated” on purpose, and in fact two weeks ago he “took hostage “the Armenian group” that is now drawn with Armen Borisovich, like a puppet, trying to take hold of belonging to the institution. with the help of hypnosis. Korneev also said she plans to go to the Investigative Committee to testify.

Znamenitka phoned to the administration of the theater, but there did not realize what was going on, and then denied everything.

“What?! Hostage? At the moment, Armen Borisovich watching the rehearsal of the play. He’s fine,” said representatives of the theatre.