What traits indicates a person’s favorite animal

Favorite animal — not only is your energy the donor and the helper, it is a reflection of your essence. It is believed that looking into the eyes of his living talisman, you will see them yourself.

Love for animals is rooted in the distant past. In Egypt worshipped cats, placing them on a level with the gods. In India cows are allowed to be treated the same as their mother. Sheep have long been sacrificed to the God. Animals are countless, and each person feels a special bond with our smaller brethren. Someone like unruly and wild predators, someone who admires cat’s grace. Everything in this world is interconnected, and our mental connection with animals is no exception. Your pet say it all for you.

Wise owl

In some countries, owls are ominous as the kidnappers of good luck and harbingers of death. In other parts of the world worship them and give the ability to attract prosperity and enrichment. Today, the owl symbolises wisdom. If it is your favorite animal, you are very lucky. The mental connection with the owl indicates enhanced mental abilities, developed intuition and insight. You are able to expose the traitor, break through the thorns of lies to find the truth. You are afraid of change, because I know what to expect from them.

Sly Fox

The Fox is cunning, grace, speed and showiness in one bottle. No animal is more surprising foxes. About her resourcefulness and dexterity we have heard from a bench. Everyone has read stories about how one Fox lied to all around. Fox is ruled by ambition and confidence, it achieves the goal by any means. If this is your totem animal and you admire them, to be sure — Fox can also admire your zeal and dexterity. You have to be able to avoid problems, overcome their fears and complexes. You know how at the right time to become brave, but in a stressful situation is to be sly. You have the power to bend people to his will, to manipulate and control.

Handsome horse

Horses are sacred beings, and love for them is clear. Even standing next to the horse, you feel great strength and power of this gigantic animal and yet marvel at its grace and softness. The minutes spent with the horse will forever be in our hearts. The love of this animal shows that you are freedom-loving, personable and successful people. You are a considerate, clean, fair. You rush to the dream, stepping across the difficulties one after another.

Freedom bird

Each bird is a symbol of freedom and spiritual life. In Ancient Egypt, the souls of the dead were depicted as birds with the heads of the people, symbolizing a transition in the spiritual, sublime world. The love birds defines you as a person of conscious, spiritual, intelligent, and unfathomable. You are patient, wise, but at the same time restless and seek to learn the truth.

Wild bear

Bear — a very controversial animal. In the Russian tradition represents the king of beasts, sometimes good-natured, but often violent predator. His strength and power will be the envy of any athlete. The image of the bear attracts good luck and success. The spiritual bond with the predator suggests that you are a strong person. You’re confident, brave, good-natured and friendly, not afraid of loneliness, hardships and difficulties.

Brave lion

The lion represents royalty, bravery, strength and power. No wonder he is considered the king of beasts. The lion is not afraid of anything, he knows no fear and defeat. Therefore, if you have respect and admiration for this graceful predator, he will point out your strengths. You believe in yourself, sometimes selfish. You are able to choose their mates and to fully control the environment. It’s always leading position, and the ability to change the world is thrown in as a bonus.

Delicate butterfly

The butterfly symbolizes the immortality of the soul, the resurrection, the ability to transform and rebirth. It was a celestial being begins the life cycle of a caterpillar reborn as a butterfly. Love the butterflies and points to faith, love and hope. You are afraid of change, you are able to enjoy them. And abundant the universe really appreciates it and constantly makes itself felt. In your life constantly undergoes amazing changes that you sometimes do not even know.

Lone wolf

The wolf is a symbol of freedom, courage, cleanliness. Spiritual connection with the wolf says about you as a man of honor. You are independent, confident, purposeful. In any battle you fight to win, as your totem animal. A wolf will never take defeat, even when in mortal danger. It speaks of great courage. To their advantage you use all sorts of options, never releasing a fortune out of hand.

Royal tiger

The Chinese king of beasts is the tiger. He is brave, fierce, elusive. In myths, the tiger is often portrayed as an equal opponent of the dragon. This predator symbolizes the beauty, elegance, exclusivity and power. The love of the tigers gives you determination, perseverance, tolerance. You are wise enough, responsible and have the capacity to realize all your dreams in life. You know the price of success is hard work on yourself in the training strength of spirit and will.

Smart snake

Many are dismissive to the snakes, although they symbolize wisdom, vitality, immortality, healing powers, fertility and the hearth. Besides, snakes are skilled predators. Snakes are found in many sacred Apocrypha, they are written about in ancient times, assigning them an important place in the spiritual world. Snake is the energy creation care. Your love for snakes tells about that you can adapt in any environment. You do not hold the sadness and let go of resentment. You’re quirky and always get their way, sometimes clever and easy way. You have enhanced intuition and the ability to distinguish friends from enemies.

Red deer

The deer — Sun, sunrise, life, light, spirituality, creativity, purity. This is an amazing animal whose horn in the mythology represent the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Admiration for the stag shows that you have kindness, love, peace and selflessness. You are able to control their emotions and have the ability to hear. You do not fear anything, because I understand how this world is arranged. You are building and help bring this to other people.

Totem animals come to the rescue when it seems that hope is gone. Your spiritual connection with your beloved animal awakens your powers when necessary. You chose them not in vain. So, in moments of defeat, refer to the power of your animal. We wish you good mood, success,