What to feed the little Prince George in a private school “Thomas’s Battersea”

In September of this year, the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William 4-year-old Prince George, for the first time went to study. He attends a private school, “Thomas’s Battersea” in London.

This school for my son chose Kate, despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth has advised school “Wetherby School”, which at the time was studying Prince Harry and Prince William. However, the couple chose for their son’s innovative school known for its progressive and democratic traditions.

Kate and William immediately discussed it is essential that teachers should not focus on the status of George, allowing him to develop in normal circumstances. Although, it should be said that the school “Thomas’s Battersea”, an elite school where tuition is 23 thousand dollars. Menu dishes that are served to young students, and develop specifically tailored to the season and changed every three weeks. For example, in the first educational month, the students fed lamb with herbs, salmon and cod in sauce, and bruschetta with avocado and tomatoes. For dessert the kids get apricot tartlets, cake with custard, strawberries and tropical fruits.

Good, right? Food worthy of the little Prince.