What to expect from the new season of “tantsyuyut VSI! — 9”?

What to expect from the new season of “tantsyuyut VSI! — 9”?

Very soon, September 2, starts 9th season of the dance project in the country – “tantsyuyut VSI!”. Every Friday at 20.00 hrs the participants of the show will amaze you with their talents.

A feature of the new season that it will present international dancers! The participants of the “tantsyuyut VSI! — 9” came to Ukraine from 30 countries: Italy, USA, Bulgaria, Sweden, Russia, Israel, Brazil, France and more!

Now there is no age limit. The youngest participants will compete for victory on a par with adults!

Note that the age of the youngest participant of the casting 4 years, and the oldest – 65 years!

Changes took place on the bench. Now to appreciate the art of dance will be:

-Radu Poklitaru is one of the most demanding judges of past seasons.

-Kevin Inoue, better known as TOKYO – choreographer, Director incredible show for “Cirque du Soleil”.

-Michal Pie – Polish choreographer, TV presenter and judge of the dance show.

-Jaakko Toivonen – Dutch choreographer, judging “dancing with the stars” on STB in 2011.

On some trials, the jury will be:

-the choreographer, the expert of the show “Supermodel in Ukrainian” Richard horn,

-record holder from England, 82-year-old singer salsa Sarah paddy Jones.

Constant members of the jury will be: Tatiana Denisova, Vlad Yama and Konstantin Tomilchenko.

Hosts of the show: Lily rubric and Dmitry Tankovich.


Source and photo: stb.ua