What things can and what cannot be kept at home

Every thing has energy. From that, positive or negative, largely depends on the atmosphere of your home, the health and mood of the household.

Every house is a fortress, able to rejuvenate its inhabitants after a busy day, to protect them from negative energy and become a source of positive emotions. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru I present to you a list of things, which you should remove immediately to avoid exposing yourself and your family in danger. Things replace subjects who give positive energy and help to restore peace and harmony in your home.

Things that carry a negative into a house

Shoes and clothing that have become unusablemust not remain in your house. They carry negative energy and clutter up space, not allowing them to circulate freely the flow of positive energy.

Broken crockery and broken utensils can not only be a source of pathogenic bacteria, but to provoke scandals in the family. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend immediately throw away even your favorite Cup, if she got unattractive chips or cracks.

Some plants can have a negative impact on energy at home, to provoke scandals and negative emotions. These include curly flowers. They should be placed on the outside of the house, so they can prevent the penetration of negativity in the house.

Dry plants , for example reeds and feather — able trigger disease. The flower arrangements and other dried flower arrangements in your home.

Broken mirrors carry a strong negative charge, plus they are able to attract to your house the otherworldly forces that will harm you and your family. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend with caution to treat the mirrors and not to tempt fate, leaving your house damaged or broken reflective surfaces.

Gifts, paintings, statues and other items of interior decoration, which you don’t like, take out of the house immediately. They provoke bursts of negative emotions can harm health and to create a rift in family relationships.

Things with a negative past, furniture with sharp and protruding corners, Antiques uncertain fate can be a huge source of negativity, so try to get rid of such things.

Never keep in the house for the ashes of relatives, things of the deceased, stuffed animals and any items causing you Association with death. The practice of the esoterics say that the way you open the path dead energy in your home, which can lead to serious health problems of all household members.

Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommended to choose the time and go through all the rooms of your home, listening to your emotions. Intuitively you will feel the negative or discomfort coming from things and will be able to rid yourself and your family from the dangerous power of influence.

Things involving building positive

Dried bunches of herbs, ears of rye contribute to the cleansing of the space and positively affect the human biofield. In addition, some plants, for example, wormwood, will perfectly protect you from all forms of negative energy.

Amulets and talismans for your home will protect your home from negativity. Use the knowledge of our ancestors to select the most appropriate charms and hang them on all the rules.

Some plants can raise your home and life happiness, success and love. The list of plants you can read on our website.

Honey, apples and garlic should be kept in the house for everyone. Honey helps to attract wealth and happiness, and apples are necessary for rejuvenation and positivity in the house, and the garlic perfectly disinfects and neutralizes negative energy.

Icons help everyone, so the presence of at least one image is mandatory in every house. Through prayer you can protect yourself and loved ones to ask about the happiness and well-being, to pacify negative emotions.

Any thing which you treat with great sympathy, would be appropriate in the house. Do not forget about such items as figurines. They are able to bring into your home prosperity, positive energy and to become advocates for all family members. For example, figures of lions, tigers and dragons will guard your peace. Dolls, are in ascending order, to fill the house and its inhabitants positive energy.

Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend you to decorate your house with nice looking things and use Feng Shui to the space of your home was always open to the positive flow of energy.