What pet fits your Zodiac Sign

The presence of a pet in your house affects the surrounding energy, therefore you should know which animal most compatible with your energy field. Knowing their zodiac characteristics, you will be able to choose a pet.

When choosing a pet any owner in the first place comes from personal sympathy for certain of them, to his character, appearance, and behavior. Making the choice and letting him in your house, many owners notice that in response to the care and love an animal is not willing to reciprocate, if not respond with aggression. Most often this happens due to the fact that your pet is not suited to you energetically.

It is believed that animals are more sensitive to energies than humans, and it is much more difficult to communicate with those whose energy has a negative impact on their aura. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru will help you to choose the pet based on the characteristics of your Zodiac Sign.


Optimistic and energetic representatives of this Zodiac Sign do not like to sit still. Comfort and sameness, which strongly depresses the Rams, giving them the opportunity to reveal himself and to direct their energies in the right direction. Such people are best suited to large breed dogs. Walks and spending time with your pet will bring you fun and games and dog training your friend will not get bored.


For Taurus characteristic determination, desire to work or simply to Express themselves in their favorite occupation. Because of this, they are rarely able to pay proper attention to his entourage. But this does not mean that your amusement is not comparable with the desire to have a pet that will delight you after a hard day’s work. Taurus is best suited cats or rodents. They do not require constant attention and will distract you from Affairs. And the care will be for you a pleasant experience.


The representatives of this constellation needs constant communication. They are interesting interlocutors, able to talk to almost any person. The twins are afraid of being alone, and being in seclusion, you begin to feel discomfort. For such people the perfect talking parrots. These birds are well trained. If given time to practice with them, they not only begin to repeat your words, but also be able to correctly insert them between your phrases. But if you want to make a parrot solely your companion, you should not buy him another, or he will prefer to communicate with him and not with you.


Quiet and Thrifty Cancers like to be only in the closest environment. Noisy places and exciting companies they prefer the house and relaxing pastime. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign it is advisable to purchase the same calm and good-natured animals. The best choice can be cats and dogs of small breeds. You will be pleased to spend time with them, and most importantly, you will be able to give them the appropriate care and concern.


Self-centered and proud Lions love to have the best of everything. They love to be the center of attention and hate it when the actions and deeds of others do not match their desires. Such people perfect dwarf dogs and rodents, especially chinchillas, but the love of cat breeds may not be mutual. Because these cute Pets like Lions, extremely selfish and do not like when someone violates their space.


Meticulous and neat Virgos like when there is order and comfort. They love cleanliness and will not tolerate when they are surrounded by dirt. So people need to carefully approach the selection of a pet, because animals sometimes the mess and unpleasant smell. Such people could benefit like fish. First, the accuracy of this Sign will keep the aquarium clean, and secondly, the fish just will not force the virgin to worry about noise and chaos around himself, because the room the aquarium will give your home exclusively comfort and beauty.


This active and fun Mark does not like to sit still. He likes to be in the company of a fun and artistic people, because these traits characterize themselves Weights. Such people usually like it when he is not at home one pet, but two. It can be cats, dogs or any other Pets. Most importantly, the animal was active and playful. However, you should not have large dogs that require special training. Your soft and kind nature will not allow you to the rigors of raising a dog and instead of a cute pet you can get aggressive and uncontrollable animal.


Representatives of this Sign like to stand out from the crowd. They are annoyed when someone tries to copy their image, demeanor, or even acquiring the same things. Scorpions like to draw particular attention to the person and not afraid of judgment from others. They are perfect exotic animals or even insects. It can be chameleons, iguanas, lemurs and spiders — the choice of pet depends on your taste. If there is such a pet attention to your surroundings you provided.


Resolute Sagittarius likes to overcome difficulties in life and to solve complex problems. They don’t like wasting my time in four walls, as in any society, feel comfortable. Archers are better suited to large dogs. With such a pet will not have to sit still, because large dogs require a lot of attention and training. Sagittarius easily come into contact with any, even the most aggressive animals, so the problems with the upbringing of the dog you will have.


Representatives of this Sign are very disciplined and always achieve their goals. Environment Goats must conform to their own ideals, otherwise they will feel uncomfortable. Representatives of this Sign will fit any of the animals that appeal to their liking. Capricorns do not need to rely on the characteristics of animals: your pet they will feel heart at first sight. However, you should avoid Pets, which is not particularly trainable. Your discipline is unlikely to allow you to deal with a naughty pet.


People of this Zodiac Sign are creative and love everything unusual and original. They don’t like to be “all”, and this is evident in his own image, in the design of the apartment and even in the choice of a pet. Ideal for Aquarius are good-natured dogs: pugs, Labrador, Saint Bernard or Retriever. You will like to spend time with them, and they, in turn, will reciprocate your love. These dogs do not require strict discipline, so you don’t have to torture the animal of difficult training and light training with him will be for you and for your pet a fun game.


Pisces inherent sensitivity and self-control. They do not like to stand out from the crowd, preferring to remain unnoticed. His entourage always sympathetic and ready to help any minute. The fish will approach any animals, except exotic. Caring for a pet will bring you pleasure, and time spent with him will give both you and the pet positive emotions. The representatives of this constellation is characteristic of responsibility and personal involvement, so the Fish never abandon animals, and even travel long distances will not cause them to lose their pet.

Energy interaction between owner and pet can affect both positively and negatively. The right choice of animal will help you along with your pet, and living together will be comfortable for both of you. You can also see which animals are similar men and women by Zodiac Sign. The peace and tranquility of your home