What it can go in the fifth season of “Sherlock”?

Fans of the first seasons of “Sherlock” was dissatisfied with the end of the series. Viewers complained that the fourth season was too confusing, and therefore extremely difficult perceived. The authors of the series said that they created a product for the Mature audience, thus whether humiliated his audience, whether urged them to make a little loaf.

Now the question arose about how to shoot the fifth season of “Sherlock”.

Permanent project writers Steven Moffat and mark Gatiss never gave a final answer whether the fifth season, but hinted that they’d love to return to Sherlock and Watson, but not immediately. Apparently, shooting will continue soon, as we would like.

“Give us time, and mark and I will be back to Doyle and see what we missed,” said Moffat, adding that they even consider the story you want to show in a future season: “mark always wanted to do “Union red”, another is “the finger of the engineer” — a bit of a crazy story without a proper end.”

A fan of “Sherlock” vote for the continuation and are sure that it will certainly be. Such a conclusion the audience was made by the fact that the series remained open for several topics, for example, without the answer remained the love interest (Sherlock-Molly-Irene).

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