What is the ecclesiastical new year and when it is celebrated

September 14 (September 1 old style) the Orthodox Church in Russia will celebrate the ecclesiastical new year, or ecclesiastical New year. If the calendar for the ordinary citizens of the world the New year starts January 1, the Church calendar has its own characteristics.

The countdown of the new year since the time of ancient Rome took place since collection of the tax, or Indiction. Traditionally, this was done in early autumn, when work in the fields ended and the tax collectors could come and collect owed to the Emperor. Later, the Emperor Constantine the Great in honor of his military victory allowed the Christians to practice their faith and did it on the day of the Indiction, or tax levy. From this time on September 1, became associated not only with the new year, but with early recognition of the Christian faith.

Since that time, the new year is the beginning of the Indiction, or the beginning of a new Church year. Over time, the meaning of Indiction as the beginning of a new nalogovogo period disappeared and was replaced by the Christian concept of the New year. A New year in the Slavic tradition called “new year”, which is associated with many signs of people.

New year on the Church calendar

In our time, despite the fact that the New year we continue to celebrate traditionally on 1 January, new year has not lost meaning. The celebration date was moved from September 1 to 14, the number in result of changes in the calendar after the 1917 revolution. And exactly a week after the new year — 21 Sep — believers will celebrate the Nativity of the blessed virgin — mother of Jesus Christ.

How to celebrate the new year

Believers, in spite of a long-gone Church tradition to celebrate the New year in September, don’t forget this holiday and continue to celebrate it. On this day the believers can visit the festive service, to attend the Liturgy and, of course, to ask the God of good luck and happiness in the New year. However, it is not necessary to ask the unthinkable of monetary wealth — this desire in celebration would be inappropriate.

We should not celebrate the New year alone, it’s a family holiday that you want to spend with loved ones. Gather the family, call friends. Warm and family atmosphere will really create a Christmas mood.

Unlike the traditional New year, which falls in the midst of lent, Rosh Hashanah is not imposed prohibitions on the holiday table. On this day you can treat yourself and your loved ones the best treats. According to the sign, the richer the table, the more income will be next year.

Don’t forget the presents. Not required to bring a gift something expensive. A humble gift from the heart would be a suitable sign of attention in the Church new year.

In the new year, on September 14, many churches held the festive divine service dedicated to the feast. Despite the fact that Rosh Hashanah is not celebrated magnificently and solemnly as the traditional New year for Orthodox believers, this celebration marks the beginning of a new life, a new year that will bring your joy and sorrow. Be happy