What happened to the son of rapper MiyaGi: latest news today

On the night of 8 September 2017 became aware of the death of seventeen-month-old son of rapper Azamat Kuzaeva, acting under the pseudonym of MiyaGi. The child fell from the apartment window on the ninth floor.

Unofficial data suggest that the tragedy occurred in Moscow. Witnesses to the incident were a few people. The police finds out the details of the death of a child. The rapper has not yet commented on the incident.

As journalists found out, this terrible tragedy occurred in the capital the afternoon of September 7 in the house on the street Upper Maslovka, where the rapper lived together with the child’s mother.

According to media reports, the baby was left unattended in the kitchen where the window was open. Playing the son of MiyaGi climbed on to the window ledge, unable to hold the balance, fell down from the ninth floor, having received injuries incompatible with life. At the moment on this incident is checked.

Kouzaev is a member of the Duo MiyaGi & Endgame. The music of this band is one of the most popular in the network.