What events portend good luck: signs of happiness

Signs, collected by our ancestors, has not lost relevance to this day. Many of them warn about the danger, but some portend a quick fortune and happiness.

The signs are different. Some of them are in the nature of warnings, people were ready for any events. Others predict the imminent appearance of love, fateful encounters. The team dailyhoro.ru presents the signs, which promise happiness. They checked more than one generation and relevant in the modern world.

The signs, which promise good luck and happiness
Speedy happiness and monetary well-being heralds fly, fallen in a glass of drink.
Rainbow in a dream heralds the fulfillment of desires.
If you find a horseshoe on the street, then you will be happy.
Rusty nail found on the street, bring home well-being.
If you accidentally broke something of cookware, you will soon come visit. It also speaks of the imminent approach of happiness in your life.
If you accidentally stepped in manure, do not worry. Our ancestors said: “Is happiness a cart”. The same thing will happen if you get “drop” the bird.
Happiness in love promises seen a pregnant woman.
It is believed that if the daughter is like the father and the son to the mother, the family will be very happy.

Happiness heralds the awakening from the solar beam and the singing birds.
Stranded on hand ladybug promises happiness, especially if it’s late and in a hurry to leave.
Rain a day long trip brings good luck in a way.
Swallow, take the Chicks under the roof of the house, promises to all the family happiness.
Seen Fox promises a quick success in business and love.
If the house rode a frog, then it will happiness.
Love and prosperity will prevail in the family of the newlyweds, if after them to throw the old shoes.
So the long journey was happy on the day of departure burn an old pair of shoes.
Happiness awaits any who fall under the pouring rain, if the sky is the sun.
First gray hair brings happiness, if not to pull out.
The house put the broom up broom to happiness in your home are not translated.
To prepare a good lush pie after the housewarming party, to the happiness of the family in a new place.
Flying from wood green leaf young promises happiness in his personal life, unmarried, an ambulance love, and childless — happiness is imminent parenthood.

You yourself can see the signs on your way, collect the signs that you personally bring good luck. The universe often gives us clues. We just need to be more attentive to the world, and then you will be able to avoid the trouble side.