What dependencies are inclined signs of the Zodiac

Every person in any time period depend on something or someone. Do not have to be dependent on alcohol or drugs, to really strongly feel that there is a problem.

This is the essence of man — he always needs to have some kind of flaw or weakness. You do not even have to be aware of your affection because each sign of the Zodiac it is located approximately in the same range. For example, the Signs of the Earth element, the dependence is rather material than spiritual. If your habits do not cause discomfort to you and loved ones means to eradicate them makes no sense. As for the opinions of others, then it is a secondary question as selfish as it may sound.


The Rams very often “sits down”, and this is inherent not only emotionally, but also physically. The fact that the representatives of this Sign do not know how to be pragmatic, do not know how to calculate the forces. Aries constantly rod like a bulldozer — forward through all obstacles, destroying everything in its path. For such a life need full dedication and nerves of steel. Aries often suffer from alcohol dependence, and also hard to do without caffeine, so drink a lot of coffee or energy drinks. Most often they do not recognize the drugs. Yet Aries addicted to the feeling of freedom, so I love traveling, Hiking, concerts.


Taureans love physical intimacy and rush to her faster than anyone, even if it is unbeknownst to them. These people love to eat, and not just that it was nice and meal was memorable. Taurus-dependent recreational opportunities of any scale and type. It could be computer games, and gambling. Taureans love to be the first. They are addicted to the praise and feeling of superiority, so good at playing the game of competitive nature. Taureans love to bet, and they are dependent on their “den”. Very much they like to hang at home and do nothing.


The twins are very often dependent on alcohol or even hard drugs. Of course, the percentage of such people is unbelievable and is negligible, but if you take the percentage ratio with other Signs, Gemini will be somewhere near the Fish. These people love experiments and a change of scenery. Twins can understand only the elect, therefore, to seek reasons is futile. Gemini like to be aware of everything that happens in the world, so they have a very modern and common addiction from the Internet and social networks. They always need a phone with access to the Internet at home, at work, in the car, the new devices, devices and so on. They smoke more than others.


From extremely harmful dependencies is to provide the alcohol. As for more complex problems, these people have one weak spot — they are afraid of lonely when you are in a relationship. Cancers are very hurt of parting, especially if the initiator was not them. They grieved at any loss. They are literally addicted to love, from feeling the heat of being near a loved one. Even Cancers are dependent on their priorities in life. They no that they will not back down, even if it hurt a close person. It’s a kind of paradoxical game. They are very hard, because with their dependency, they struggle, perhaps, worse than all the other Characters.


Many Leos are abusing tobacco and alcohol without a twinge of conscience and fear of consequences. The only thing that is significantly stronger than it is shopping. Lions dependent on their status and the sense of satisfaction with themselves. They want to be the best — it is their main drug, trying that at least once, they will never be the same. Lions are the most serious monetary dependence. These people just love their money, to count them every day, even talking to them. More money they only love their spending.


Virgos are very complex dependencies. They suffer from Smoking, from overeating, from its indifference, from the desire to find a simple way. Perhaps the most terrible addiction Virgins is the desire to go through life without problems. The virgin is easy to live in apathy, detachment from the world. It’s in their blood. It is almost impossible to eradicate, so Virgo suffer from sudden changes at work, at home, in your personal life. Virgo dependent on their things you do not want to leave under any circumstances, ever. Yet they are dependent on the order. In their house everything should be where you want Virgins, otherwise you can pay for the damage to their peace.


Libra love to smoke and drink alcohol if their life is too good or too bad. They strongly support their addicted to love, not only spiritual, but physical as well. Libra rarely change, because it is very very attached to the man that they meet all. Like they triggered some kind of internal mechanism when they experience true love. Even Scales dependent on their hobby. This is probably the only positive dependence among all Zodiac Signs.


Scorpions dependent on its independence. As strange as it may sound, but in reality all is well. They hate when someone stands up and manages. Fortunately for them, in this world there are many ways of getting rid of the chiefs and overseers. From harmful attachments should be allocated only alcohol, but Scorpios know how to cope when the times demand. These people love sex. Not that others didn’t love him, just Scorpions have great expectations from physical proximity and carefully choose partners. For them it is a great event.


Sagittarians often do not know the steps in the use of alcohol and smoke a lot. They love to gamble and are very susceptible to the possibility of something to be the first. Competitive spirit — that’s what gets them really strongly. They are dependent on ambitious goals that put themselves constantly and which, incidentally, are able to achieve. Sagittarians love money, but not in terms of quantities and their accumulation, but in terms of earnings. Workaholics-the Archers — common. They like to work and move on to something.


Capricorns are very carefully choose their weaknesses and vices. They are very well in control of all your affections. All but one of status in society. They appreciate the place where they are now, but always tend upwards, and willing to pay for it almost everything they have. This is one of the most greedy Signs of the Zodiac, but you will never see Capricorn, takes the last candy from a baby or giving to a loved one in debt a small amount. Greed Capricorn — it is dependent on the flow of funds. They will not work for a second more, if you do not have your money for it. From drug or alcohol addiction Capricorns suffer rarely.


The Internet and computer games — that’s what Aquarius is freaking nuts. These people are unable to leave the house for days and weeks. Playing video games, Aquarians carry yourself in the world where you can become stronger and better. Representatives of this Sign is dependent on the thrill, so dangerous sports and extreme sports is their element. For some strange reason, among the Aquarians are also frequent smokers. Apart from the foregoing, then, in principle, these people have quite a few serious attachments.


Among the Fish often are addicts and alcoholics. Why, it is not clear, but these types of dependencies very popular among the representatives of this Sign. They value freedom and people who help her to feel, so they are dependent on significant others and friends. Gaps they are experiencing Cancers is not better. They can’t live without their things, as Earth Signs. The Fish, frankly, most of the dependencies of various kinds and types. To deal with them, they can, but the desire to do this they often no.

About how to become happier will not tell you the tutorials, however, this does not mean that the attainment of happiness impossible. Don’t let your habits guide you, then everything will be as you want.