What day lent begins in 2018

Great lent for Orthodox Christians is a welcome time. During the abstinence believers are cleansed spiritually by offering prayers to the Lord and attract in life is happiness.

An important date in the Orthodox calendar precedes the main events in the religious holidays of the ascension of the Lord and Holy Pascha. These holidays mean liberation from sins during lent.

Features of lent

The duration of fasting is usually forty days. During this period, anyone can repent of their sins, to find harmony and release the pent-up resentment. The faithful repeat, what did Jesus before his death and subsequent Resurrection. They visit temples and churches, changing diet, so that nothing would distract them from spiritual enlightenment. Through this abstinence brought up the willpower and ability to resist any evil.

During lent there is no place for entertainment events, it’s a time of mourning because of the events that had to go through Jesus and the virgin Mary. Prepared the way not scared of them, so everyone can be confident in their abilities and the example of our Lord Almighty to exorcise all the negativity.

Feature of fasting is not only strict observance of the ecclesiastical precepts. At this time excluded any empty and meaningless classes. Free time during the fasting period should be devoted to prayer and spirituality.

Great post in 2018

The time of lent in 2018 from 19 February to 7 April. Its duration will be 48 days, followed by Orthodox believers will celebrate Easter, the long-awaited holiday, full of bright joy.

Post runs in several phases, and the most stringent of these is the last week, or Holy week. This time, everyone prays for the salvation of his soul, remembering the suffering of Jesus, who was cruelly tortured in the hope to break his spirit. By his example, he showed everyone that the power of faith erases all boundaries and barriers, and a pure heart to live only in the love that you will be able to find, if you fight surrounding your negativity and unbelief.

During lent even the beginners who have recently come to faith, you must rely on basic rules.

1. To learn to pray. It does not need to memorize the tests from Church books. Enough daily to offer words that are born in your soul, a Higher power. Read the Holy Scriptures, and read every page brings you closer to the Lord.

2. Learn to overcome your weaknesses. Resist harmful habits, start small. Gradually, step by step, you’ll be able to save your soul from the accumulated black and direct all thoughts to the Light. Forget about the existence of swear words and don’t mention them even mentally.

3. Learn to repent. Don’t be afraid of your sins, look at yourself the disgraceful acts and go to confession. The priest will help you to embark on the path of correction and suggest further action.

4. Learn to do good. Do not expect that you will begin to thank. Do good from the heart, help those who can, and don’t forget to thank the Lord for giving you the opportunity to help those who need you.

5. Learn to live in joy. Look at the world through new eyes, to see all its beauty, learn to live in harmony with all that surrounds you. This will help you become closer to the Lord.

Lent puts everything in its place. Open human vices, POPs out all the indiscretions. In 48 days you’ll be able to forgive their abusers, to say goodbye to them and start your own path to happiness and well-being.