What connects Olga Buzova and Dmitry Nagiyev

Presenters openly answered provocative questions

Dmitriy Nagiev has become a hero of the program “Tonight”, which frankly told about the relationship with Olga Buzova, which is also present in the Studio. According to Olga, showman, despite his brutal manner, was a man of peace, a real gentleman. He’s the only one who supported her in difficult times during divorce with Dmitry Tarasov.

However, during a conversation, “gentleman” admitted that Olga had sent him “inappropriate photos”. And it was he who advised the girl to become a brunette.

Buzova stated that “thought a long time before the show, what you would say,” and, in the end, we decided that “Joe is this the person who will always find time for her, despite his sverhsekretnye schedule.” When this girl asked why Nagiyev not follow her on “Instagram”?

“But you signed Mikhail Gorbachev,” the cleverly twisted broadcaster, pointing to the knights. The same I asked in surprise, what is “Instagram”? The joke was enjoyed by all the audience.