What color you will attract wealth and good luck: determined by date of birth

Each person has his own lucky color, which can be used as a talisman. To learn it, you only need to do simple numerology calculations by date of birth.

Through numerology, you can not only find out his fate, but also to change it. This article will show you the right path to success and wealth. Many people bring financial prosperity to the fore and are, therefore, the information presented will be extremely important. Basically, luck is important in any field, so each person need to know ways to attract.

Numerological calculations

Each of us has his destiny number. In order to calculate it, you will need to add up all the digits that comprise your date of birth. For example, you were born 02.11.1990. 0+2+1+1+1+9+9+0=23. Now, as in any other numerological calculations, add up the numbers again: 2+3=5. 5 — the number of destiny for you. It so happens that is obtained by the sum of the number 37, 38 or any other, the addition of components of numbers which turns 10, 11 or more. Then you again add up the figures until then, until you get a number in the range from 1 to 9.

But that’s not all. If you have the day and month of birth has at least three repeating digits, then this is a special case. For obvious reasons, three times can only be repeated unit or two. If there are three units, then your destiny number is the fourth digit of the day and month. Example: 15.11.1977 — 15.11 there are three units and five, therefore, your destiny number is 5. 10.11 if there is, then your destiny number is equal to the last number of years. In the case of, for example, 10.11.1970, again, is zero. When the second time it is zero, it means that you need to take the next number, or 7.

When you have three deuces in your birth date, then you have just two colors-talisman, attracting good luck and wealth. The first is determined by the number of fate, which is calculated in the same way as in the case of the three units. The second is obtained by adding two to the first.

There are times when a person is in date, all units in day and month. It is a huge rarity. You have three happy colors: white, blue and red. White needed to keep you calm. Red need to help overcome obstacles, and blue — to communicate with other people and stimulate brain activity.

Color by number destiny

Unit. If you have the number 1, then your color is red. You have the desire to selfishness and the desire to solve problems alone. You rarely ask someone else for help. Red and its shades will help you to stay in the ambitious state. Red motivates to action and not allow to go on even in the most difficult situations. It’s your lucky mascot. Financial victory people like you, are only given in case of maximum impact.

Deuce. If you have the number 2, it says that your color, attracts luck, yellow. He will fill in the gaps in dealing with people. Do you have problems with communication, with the creation of new connections. Also, this color has some ability to increase vitality. You will be able less tired and spend more time at work. You will often be able to find something nice in the line of cases and problems. Any problems you see otherwise using it to their advantage. Yellow will make you more light and bright. You will be able to find love or friendship faster. Wear yellow clothes for important meetings, if possible. It is not obligatory to dress in yellow — it will be quite some little accessory.

Three. Those who have a destiny number is 3, often pay attention to the small details, losing sight of the overall picture. Many of you are addicted to folk omens and signs of fate. Of course, it has its share of necessary but you have sometimes it goes beyond all limits. You are filled with doubt for any reason, so your lucky color is black. It is the color of wisdom, which awakens in people the desire to use life experience, not your feelings. Specialists in bioenergetics say that you need to wear black as often as possible in order to be focused. A black car will reduce the probability of accidents. Financial luck is that black will help you spend your money wisely.

Four. If you were born under the auspices of the Quartet, you probably can’t deal with the emotions. To keep yourself will help you blue. You can’t always wear clothes, but you can always make a screen saver on the phone. You don’t need a lot of blue color to calm down in time. Just enough to see him somewhere. He magically reduces the desire to impulsive acts. The blue color will allow you to spend less energy wasted, it is easier to focus on anything.

Five. The number 5 is an indication that you are not able to sit still. You want bright emotions and rarely think about the health. Because of this, your life rhythm may be incorrect, you may not sleep. You constantly chasing small problems with health. That’s why your lucky color is green. This color helps the body to quickly deal with the problem. It normalizes sleep and gives an extra boost of energy. Green can ignite in you a spark, adding a drop of positive in a string of gray days. This color will bring you good luck.

Six. This number of destiny means that the best color for you is white. It helps to erase unnecessary emotions and doubts. Your life is filled with experiences and different thoughts, from which it becomes uncomfortable. You need inner freedom, but without white color around you it cannot be achieved. Try as often as possible to surround myself with the white stuff. This will help focus on work and on love, and on the finances. Luck will always be with you because you stop to think about what is not necessary.

Seven. Figure 7 is a high spiritual destiny number. If you have a seven, then you require a timely return from the world of dreams and illusions in the real world. Intellectual activities your brain is often reduced due to the fact that you can’t choose the path where you want to go. The blue color will increase intuition and help to reduce the time of decision-making. Your determination will increase, and without prejudice to the final result. Many experts say that your lucky color is even a bit closer to purple than to blue.

Eight. Figure eight — a symbol that you always think too linearly. Inspiration to help you find creative solutions to problems, try to use in creating the image of orange color. It should be more in your life. If he wasn’t around, you can mentally envision it. This color is the percentage of red, which arouses the desire to act, so you can get everything you need. Your financial situation will improve.

Nine. Luck will bring you black, because you are always at the intersection of two or more roads. Your perception of the world is often not the exact opposite. It can be dangerous for business and work. This does not mean you have to run to the store and change all the things in black, repaint the car and redo the repair at home. Enough to have at least one black. This color magically make you see everything as it should be, unvarnished and fear.

Lucky color does not necessarily need to wear as clothing. You can use it when choosing accessories, you can buy a car this color or paint in a shade house walls. You can put on your desktop a personal computer screen saver with a predominance of happy colors. In short, the use of happy colors are not limited. You can use the color of luck as a tool for color therapy. It will significantly increase your energy.