Wedding Presnyakov and Krasnova biography Krasnova, who her parents are

In social networks people again and again continue to discuss a Grand wedding, Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova, which took place on 27 July 2017. Users struck wedding dance grandson of Alla Pugacheva and his now wife – the couple performed a very spectacular acrobatic in the air, which came as a surprise to everyone.

Meanwhile, the outfit Alla Pugacheva, who is a Diva has chosen for the wedding of his grandson Nikita Presnyakov was overshadowed by the bridesmaid dress.

In celebration, the singer chose a white dress below the knee and white boots. The outfit is perfectly in tune with the tanning artist for an important event in the life of the grandson Pugacheva interrupted rest in Jurmala and came to the suburban village of Larks, which hosted the wedding celebration.

Alena Krasnova biography

Name Alena Krasnova, a young Muscovite, appeared in the press after news of her affair with the grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov.

About the girl not much is known. Alena Krasnova was born in 1997 as a women’s holiday. In social networks suggests that the Muscovite belongs to the so-called “Golden youth”. She is the daughter of very wealthy parents. From Krasnova has two sisters. One of them is older than Alena for 4 years, second under the age of 13 years.

Alena Krasnova received secondary education in several Moscow schools and prestigious Lyceum “Ark-XXI”, which is located in the North-West of the capital.

After graduation in 2015 girl Nikita Presnyakov became a student of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration. Although revenues Alena shared in social networks that parents were going to send her to England, planning that is where she is going to get a higher education. But Krasnov decided to stay in Russia because, in her words, “I was not mentally prepared to leave.”

About Hobbies Alena Krasnova know that they are several. She studied gymnastics and dance at a school “Todes” Alla Duhova. In addition, she has a musical education. He also loves hockey.