Wealthy foreigners clashed in a bar because of Anna Semenovich

The singer has unveiled the name of his chosen

After returning from a tour in Greece, pop singer Anna Semenovich, spoke to reporters about the surprise of her local fans. First in her room began to appear luxurious bouquets of roses, after which the boyfriend has a date with her in an elite restaurant, which was called to explore the Islands on his yacht. The star agreed. Then a wealthy admirer entrepreneur Stefanos — booked for her luxury room at the best Athens hotel for the next 50 years. This gift had cost him almost a million euros.

According to the hotel employee, then to Greece arrived and the other commander of the Anne, a businessman from Switzerland, for two years caring for her. Catching sweetheart to others, he put up a fight right in the bar. Then Semenovich left the scene with Stefanson, a disconsolate opponent withdrew in the morning. While in Moscow, the artist continues to communicate with his Greek fan who may soon come to write starhit.ru.