“We did the child”: Olga Rapunzel threw a tantrum on the project

Star telestroke returned to the project, where she immediately threw a tantrum. However, users have seen in the behavior of girls insincerity.

After returning to the “Dom-2” Olga Rapunzel regained his usual role and made a real tantrum. Olga Rapunzel, one of the most popular participants “House-2”, as no one else understands that project managers need to show. On the perimeter of its back, breaking the rules, this gesture should work in order not to lose a place.

These Olga Rapunzel decided to do. A few days after returning to the “Dom-2” she threw a fit, Recalling their relationship with Dmitri Dmitrenko.

Now Olga Rapunzel lives in the VIP cabin, which previously they shared with Dmitri Dmitrenko. Because of familiarity to the girl memories came flooding back and she threw a tantrum, telling everyone how it is on this bed they Dimitrenko did child. Rapunzel lamented that he had not seen before which Dmitry people and spent so much time on it due to their own stupidity.

Viewers of “House-2” did not see scenes of Olga Rapunzel naturalness, noting that she’s just overreacting. Many people still don’t understand why the organizers returned to the ex-participant of the project and advise the girl to put up with Dmitry Dmitrenko and go into the real world to wearing and to have a baby.