Waxing Moon in November 2017

The moon rise is an important period because it combines two special days — the new Moon and full Moon. The power of the moon is on the rise these days, so people become more impulsive.

In November, the Moon will rise 1 to 3 in number, and from 19 to 30. To attract love and luck into your life will only be hard work and belief in yourself, especially in the first three days of this month. Waxing Moon — a time of opportunity.

Waxing Moon from 1 to 3 November

All three days will be held under the auspices of Aries. It will be dangerous days that is better not to make any important decisions, and fear of lies and hypocrisy. The majority of conflicts take place in such days, because the combination of Aries and the waxing moon is very negative from any point of view. Energy dissonance will lead you into new problems if you do not take care of the old.

During this period the feeling can be very bad: possible headaches, constant fatigue, joint pain. If you are a weather-sensitive person, these three days can be dangerous for you.

Try not to go too far, sitting up at work, overloading your body with physical and intellectual loads. Go to bed on time and do not do hateful things. Also, try to avoid alcohol and junk food.

Many people can fall into a state of depression for a short 1 to 3 November. It will cause you to compromise your principles and fail in love, business and Affairs. Purchase in these days better not to make because you can cheat. Everyone is looking for benefits for themselves. Only those people who can agree with each other, will get what they want. This suggests that at the beginning of November to do not what you want and what you need. Take care of their duties. So you can avoid problems.

During the waxing moon from 19 to 30 November

This period will be a lot of really positive days: 19, 21, 24, 25 and 28 November. This will be possible thanks to the successful Union of the moon and stars. The period as a whole will be stable. Despite the fact that the Moon is growing, astrologers suggest to spend more time in a calm atmosphere, without work, without nerves. Only rarely can bring myself to go forward, overcoming obstacles. Any wins during the growth of the moon will be very pleasant, especially in the sphere of love.

During this period, it is not necessary to overspend. Do not waste your finances, and earn their and respect our partners, colleagues and superiors. In short, the increased activity will do you only good. Life is very easy in such moments, if we could only go forward, but not at all impossible to find the strength to do this. That is why you need to avoid high ambitions, not backed by any skills.

The most positive days — 24 and 25 November. The moon will rise in Aquarius, so the days will fly by quickly, but very productive. Even if you won’t do anything, fate itself will do everything for you. She will create such conditions in which you just have to force yourself to move forward.

Try not to plan anything for more than three or four days. Act on inspiration will also be possible, because in General, the period will be especially creative. Sixth sense will be at its worst, again, 24 and 25. Astrologers point out that new beginnings is better not to avoid — the moon rising at the end of November you can experiment with.

In love success is waiting for those who know how to impress with actions, and knows how to keep the fire of intrigue. Because of this, most likely, women will be easier than men. Make new friends, don’t be afraid to invite people on dates looking for their place under the sun of love.

If the month starts not the best way, use affirmations to help yourself to focusing only on victory in late November. The waxing Moon will help you move from planning to decisive action. The main thing — to believe in yourself and not doubt the success.