Watch angel of January 2018

Watch angel given to us in order to communicate with their celestial guardians. Every month at a certain time to communicate with them to achieve prosperity and to get rid of the trouble.

Guardian angels constantly guard our lives, invisibly serve you a helping hand and lead us to unhappiness. Your Keeper was next in difficult times, change the way of life, get rid of bad habits and bad language. In January you will be able to open the heart and soul of the Skies to ask a Higher power of protection and patronage. Use this time not only for prayer, but also to talk heart to heart. My angel you will be able to tell everything that bothers you, and ask for assistance in the implementation of the planned Affairs.

2018 begins a new cycle of life, and for the whole year was rosy, use the support of a patron Saint. Don’t forget that the answers to your questions can come to you in the form of images in a dream or signs that you will meet on the way. Angels can communicate with us in words, so use other means of communicating information. In this way can even become a melody that literally haunts you.

Watch angel in January
January 1: 14:35-15:21;
January 2: 14:31-14:57;
3 Jan: 14:28-14:55;
4 Jan: 14:25-14:53;
5 Jan: 14:22-14:52;
6 Jan: 14:19-14:48;
January 7: 14:15-14:44;
8 Jan: 14:11-14:41;
9 Jan: 14:07-14:37;
10 Jan: 14:04-14:34;
Jan 11: 14:02-14:32;
January 12: 14:00-14:29;
13 Jan: 13:56-14:25;
January 14: 13:52-14:21;
15 Jan: 14:00-14:16;
16 Jan: 13:44-14:13;
January 17: 13:40-14:09;
18 Jan: 13:36-14:06;
19 Jan: 13:34-14:04;
20 Jan: 13:32-14:02;
21 Jan: 13:29-13:59;
22 Jan: 13:25-13:55;
23 Jan: 13:22-13:51;
January 24: 13:19-13:47;
25 Jan: 13:16-13:43;
26 Jan: 13:13-13:40;
27 Jan: 13:09-13:37;
January 28: 13:05-13:34;
29 Jan: 13:01-13:31;
Jan 30: 12:57-13:27;
Jan 31: 12:53-13:23.

Use prayer not only to communicate with angels, but also for his own protection. With words that come from your heart, you protect yourself from any troubles and machinations of the envious, and will begin the path to success. Don’t forget that selfish thoughts will have a negative impact on your life.