Watch angel in September 2017

With the prayer words, anyone can apply to my guardian angel and ask him about the performance of cherished desires. It is best to pronounce the words of prayer about helping in the so-called angel watch. This is the time when your request will reach maximum success, and your Keeper will respond to the call for help and support.

In order to communicate with the angels, it is not necessary to visit the Church and praying before images of the Savior or of the mother of God. It’s enough to be attentive and to notice the changes that happen to you or around you. Angels can give you a Sign that they are close and heed your every word. To find out what signs you need to pay special attention, you can from the article on our website dailyhoro.ru.

For angels no barriers, no time, so communication with them is possible, but not necessarily to coincide with the specific hours. Don’t worry if you missed your time. If you have a strong desire, your mates will let you know that your thoughts are heard.

September, first month of autumn, is a transition and a new stage in life of each person. Beginning of a new period has a strong concentration of energy from the outside, which, according to experts of the website dailyhoro.ru that will give you many possibilities in choosing the correct path. To achieve the goal will help the incantations and appeals to the angels.

Watch angel in September
September 1: 00:15-00:55;
September 2: 01:05-01:43;
3 Sep: 01:10-01:38;
4 Sep: 00:03:00:23;
September 5: 00:25:00:55;
September 6: 01:07:01:35;
September 7: 00:06:00:40;
September 8: 00:12-00:41;
9 Sep: 00:27-00:44;
Sep 10: 01:00-01:17;
11 Sep: 00:46-01:13;
12 Sep: 00:09-00:27;
13 Sep: 23:12-23:37;
September 14: 00:05-00:23;
Sep 15: 23:45-00:16;
September 16: 22:40-23:13;
17 Sep: 23:40-23:59;
September 18: 00:34-00:52;
19 Sep: 22:55-23:17;
Sep 20: 23:18-23:35;
21 Sep: 00:08-00:39;
Sep 22: 23:48-24:00;
Sep 23: 22:16-22:37;
September 24: 01:10-01:30;
25 Sep: 00:02-00:27;
26 Sep: 00:16-00:41;
September 27: 01:15-01:38;
28 Sep: 00:23-00:49;
September 29: 00:07-00:35;
September 30: the 00:45-01:10.

In the designated hours, contact your own Guardian angel to tell him what you want. To determine which angel is your guardian, you can on our website dailyhoro.ru. We wish you good luck, sincere faith and boundless prosperity.