Watch angel in November 2017

To pray to their guardian angels at any time of the day. However, every month there are certain hours in which your prayers will have the greatest effect. During this time, you can ask your heavenly defenders about anything, to vent and to talk about what worries you.

The Higher power is needed not only in times of failure and confusion. Everyone needs reassurance that he is not alone in this world, and can talk to my guardian angel. Invisible heavenly soldiers are present in our world and often manifest itself, telling us of future events through certain Signs. Be careful, because at any moment you will be able to find the answer to your question and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The last month of autumn is a preparation not only for winter but also for Christmas post, which in 2017 will start on November 28. Every believer can prepare for it, to pray a Higher power, confession and get rid of the negativity, do not give him to develop and live happily ever after. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru consider that in November, the angels rush to the people to preserve and protect them. A month you can choose a time that is convenient for you, and communicate with your angels on any topic.

Watch angel in November

1 Nov: 22:10-23:00;
2 Nov: 23:05-23:45;
3 Nov: 21:55-22:35;
4 Nov: 00:01-00:45;
November 5: 23:15-23:55;
Nov 6: 22:27-23:07;
Nov 7: 00:02-00:32;
8 Nov: 01:02-01:35;
9 Nov: 22:12-22:52;
10 Nov: 01:20-01:58;
11 Nov: 22:10-22:48;
12 Nov: 00:13-00:49;
13 Nov: 22:45-23:20;
14 Nov: 23:50-01:33;
15 Nov: 22:42-23:32;
16 November: 23:16-23:45;
17 Nov: 23:14-23:56;
18 Nov: 22:17-22:47;
Nov 19: 23:15-23:55;
20 Nov: 22:03-22:32;
21 Nov: 01:12-01:52;
22 Nov: 23:17-00:00;
23 Nov: 00:02-01:36;
November 24: 21:45-22:42;
November 25: 22:32-23:12;
26 Nov: 00:14-00:42;
27 Nov: 23:45-01:35;
November 28: 22:18-22:48;
29 Nov: 01:00-01:55;
30 Nov: 23:19-23:58.

It is in this watch is a close link is established between man and the Higher powers. Strengthen this relationship prayer requests and pleas for help, say whatever’s on your mind, and you will definitely get the help and support.