Was the illegitimate daughter of Janet Jackson

Tiffany white, 31-year-old woman from Philadelphia, was contacted by journalists RadarOnline.com and said that she is the love child of Janet Jackson and James Debarge.

“I kept the secret to myself for too long and now I want people to know the truth” — said the woman.
Rumors about the baby Janet Jackson began to re-occur regularly in 2012. Debargue argued that at the moment with the singer’s divorce in 1985, she was pregnant. Later this information was confirmed by Dr. Conrad Murray, who has made a shocking confession in prison. where he is serving a sentence for the murder of his brother to Janet Michael Jackson. In the late ‘ 80s about a pregnant ex-daughter-in-law repeatedly told the mother of James Etterlin, however, further speculation is not reached.
Recall that a few months ago Janet for the first time officially became a mother. At the age of 50, she gave birth to first child her husband Wise al mana. Singers never commented on rumors of illegitimate daughter and never responded to public requests ex-husband to tell me where she is hiding their daughter.
“Janet gave up on me for 31 years, now everyone should know the truth” said Tiffany. She was brought up as an orphan, and about the starry relationship only learned seven years ago. Then it felt like the Cinderella and dreamt of finally getting a family. The fact that neither father nor mother she did not wait, very upset the girl. She didn’t know whether to independently seek meetings with them, and whether the game was worth the candle. In doubt in a few more years.
White said that already have official proof of his kinship with the family Debarge. She contacted the grandmother, Etterlin and they did a DNA test, which proved positive. This means that in fact, giving birth to a daughter, Janet gave his blood in the wrong hands, to pursue a music career.
“Believe me, I don’t need money or fame. I just need mom and dad” — says the girl. We believe it?

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