Waning Moon in October 2017

From 6 to 18 October, we can expect a period of waning moon. This phase is characterized by emissions and consumption of energy accumulated previously. The time to properly plan things, so as not to harm your energy field.

During the waning moon, you may notice significant changes in your mood and General well-being. This period is characterized by reduction of activity and emotional state may be unstable. In this period of time you were able to avoid trouble, learn how waning Moon affects the Zodiac Signs.

What awaits you on 6 October

The first day of the decreasing Moon will be in the constellation of impulsive Aries. This position of the moon can be bad for your emotional state, as it was in this period of the waning moon intense burst of energy, and the influence of hot-tempered Zodiac Sign will only encourage the negative impact of the lunar disk. So beware of conflicts with other people, haste and rashness in deeds. To avoid unpleasant moments of the day, try to be more restrained and to direct their energies in the right direction. For example, think about the realization of their ideas and plans. At the beginning of the waning moon, you can still feel a surplus of power and energy, so don’t waste it arguing with the aggressor: excessive emotion will only weaken you.

What to expect from 7 to 8 October

During this period of decreasing consumption is the energy accumulated during the growth phase, so try not to burden yourself with heavy physical work, dedicate time to mental work. This is especially true for those whose professions are related to Finance and economy. At this time the Moon is in the zodiacal constellation Taurus, which is favorable for financial transactions, but try not to spend my to arrive, but rather to multiply it. For example, investment in securities will help you to increase your budget.

If at this time you will notice decreased performance, it is likely that this influence of Taurus has awakened in you a desire to relax and to create around himself for comfort. If you want to change the situation, try to choose a more peaceful and cultural place to stay: it can be parks, theatres or good restaurants. Importantly, there was no fuss, which can create unnecessary tension within you.

What can you expect in the period from 9 to 10 October

Night star moved into the constellation Gemini. At this time, physical activity will eventually shift to the spiritual, this period is characterized by the strengthening of intellectual activity. Try to avoid contact with humans and devote these days to self-development. Any efforts will bear fruit, and your horizons will expand.

In this period the most favourable moment is October 10. This day is under the patronage of Mars, and therefore, the energy in you welling up. Determined and responsible people are going to expect success in work and study. Your efforts can finally be seen, most importantly — do not be afraid of difficulties at the last moment.

What to prepare for in the period from 11 to 12 October

The moon has moved into the constellation of Cancer, this means that it was period for spiritual development. At this time, try to avoid any contact with people, as well as sensitive Cancer is a very emotional Sign, and any poignant observations and minor criticisms these days can not only affect your mood but also lower your self-esteem. However, do try to be less critical of others and pay less attention to details so as not to offend their loved ones and not to spoil relations with friends and colleagues.

In the period from 11 to 12 October the accumulated energy will begin to bear fruit, so try to complete all their work to implement new plans and ideas.

Spend more time on self-improvement. If you prefer to stay outside the house, try to choose places where you can not only relax, but also to raise their cultural level of development. In native walls of her cozy apartment you can take the time to read books or introspect. Any culture will do you good.

What to expect in the period from 13 to 15 October

The moon in Leo is favorable for all changes and beginnings. In the last phase of the lunar month, you can fully relax and devote themselves to the favorite business. If during this period you will feel a passive state, it is advisable to devote it to rest. You can devote time to communication, attending noisy events and parties. Try to be careful about the money. Some of your entertainment can significantly devastate a purse, and control of the waste of money will be lost. However, not only the craving for fun can hit your budget. Unfounded and unreasonable risk under the influence of Leo can coerce you to buy expensive, but useless purchases, but serious investments can result in financial collapse.

What to prepare during the period from 16 to 17 October

Waning Moon in Virgo is auspicious for any hard work. At this time, perhaps you will become more focused and attentive to detail. A particular success of the people whose professions are connected with economy and Finance: your work will appreciate the value and the rewards will surprise you.

Avoid extreme physical activity. During the waning moon there is a strong decline of energy, so do not waste your strength in vain. Dedicate this time to yourself and enjoy a purification of the soul and body. Try to meditate or do a healing diet. Meditation will help you to ignore the external problems and deal with their thoughts and emotions. Thanks to therapeutic fasting, you can cleanse your body and will feel lighter on the inside, and an incredible burst of energy.

What awaits you on the last day before the new Moon

The last day of the phase of the waning moon means it’s time to complete all their old cases and prepare for new beginnings and achievements. Do not worry if on this day you will feel too relaxed: the energy of the moon is weakened, which can affect your energy background. After the new Moon, the lunar disk will move into a growth phase, and thus you will have more energy.

The moon is in the constellation of Libra, so today shouldn’t plan anything or make important decisions. Finally say goodbye to the past, will finally realize what is constantly postponed.

Not only the onset of the cold October suggests to us that it’s time to improve your health. The energy of the day can also affect your body, especially for people with chronic diseases and weak immune systems. On this day, dress warmly, avoid stress and not too hard. Watch your diet and spend more time walking in the fresh air.

In the period of decreasing character of the moon will be very unstable. However, critical threats to your health and internal energy are observed. Don’t forget to ask for help to the lunar calendar and do not forget to consider the location of the moon in a zodiac constellation. To derive maximum benefit from this period, find out what 7 things you need to do on the waning moon. Let the luck be always on your side