Waning Moon in January 2018

During the descending Moon energy continues but it will not prevent you from engaged in daily Affairs and implement their plans. Follow the advice of astrologers so you can learn how to achieve their goals in the period, when the energy of the moon has become weaker.

From 3 to 16 January, the Moon will wane, and it will affect our lives. During this period, many people notice a fall in domestic energy and for that reason to do work and household chores becomes very difficult. However, astrologers say that during this time, you can achieve success in any area of life, you just need to know which days are most favorable for change and responsible action.

Finances and career during the waning moon

In early January, your work can improve. On 3 and 4 January, the Moon will be in the constellation Leo. The energy of this Sign will give you strength, and therefore, any effort will do you good. In these days of financial operations will be successful, so feel free to go shopping and treat yourself to shopping.

From 8 to 9 January the Moon will be in Libra. At this time it is not necessary to make important decisions, so as to make a choice will be difficult. After that, the night star will move into the constellation of Scorpio, which means you will finally be able to start implementing their plans. This Sign will give you confidence and strength so you will be ready to make a responsible step towards your goal.

Love and relationships from 3 to 16 January

On the personal front, things are better to be from 5 to 7 January. During this period the Moon will be in Virgo. Feel free to date or if you haven’t found your soul mate, to go in search of love. The most auspicious day for Dating and romance — 7 January. This day will be under the influence of Venus. This planet protects not only love, but also beauty, so start the year with the change of the image.

The most unfavorable day for new Dating — January 13. Negative energy 26 lunar day is bad for your relationship with a loved one. On this day, your emotional state may be unstable, and conflicts, clarifying the relationship, unfounded jealousy can become a cause of separation.

Health and mood during the waning moon in January

In the last days of the waning moon, from 15 to 16 January, make time for your health. The moon will be in the constellation of Capricorn, and at this time often have different diseases associated with both physical and moral state. A visit to the doctor during this period will not be superfluous. Even if you do not care, do not neglect the health of your body, because come January frosts, and therefore, it is necessary to reduce the risk of colds.

The phase changes affects not only our body but also our life in General. Christmas waste could greatly affect your financial situation and start the year with debts and lack of money — not a good idea. The plots on the waning moon will help you to get rid of poverty and find success in the new 2018. Wish you happiness and health