Walter Solomentsev told about his past life

So, at the time, Olesya Lisovskaya told me that it is not quite enough “magic” with Walter. And the whole problem lay not only in the size of its “economy”, but in excessive appetites in bed young man. Now it became known that the ex-wife Solomentsev was also not impressed to sleep with this man. According to the former party, he often had to persuade his wife to “magic”, writes the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, the woman strongly disapproved of oral sex, believing believing almost t**CEM. It got to the point that several times to get his Walter had a very long time. And the ex-member does not to be ashamed of what has turned conjugal duty in hard.

“What filth and vulgarity! What all this tells, well, do them yourself is not a shame, well, at least ashamed of their relatives “blush” after them!” – criticized the recognition of Walter the audience of “House 2”.