Wagner Moura: “the Second season of “Drug” will be the last”

Wagner Moura: “the Second season of “Drug” will be the last”

Drama video service Netflix waiting for serious change.

Wagner Moura, who plays in the Netflix series “Narco” Pablo Escobar, said that in the second season his character will be finished.

“For me, this season definitely the last,” says the actor. Pablo died in 1993 at the age of 43 years. The sequel will make more emphasis on the character and will cover a smaller period of time (18 months). The audience will talk about how Escobar began to lose their power, influence and money.

“We will see the fall of Escobar,” notes Moura. — He will be very vulnerable”.

The series has not yet been officially renewed for a third season. But when this happens, the “Drug” will have to wait for serious changes.

“Our show is not about Pablo,” said Executive producer Jose Padilla. — Escobar — the man who turned the cocaine trade in big business. He, so to speak, the founder of this business, but the show is not about him but about cocaine and drug dealers”.

According to Padilla, in the third season they will have something to surprise us.

“We’ll stop when you stop the cocaine trade. This is one reason why the show is called “Drug”, not “Pablo Escobar,” continues josé. — Full and other drug dealers, there are alliances formed against him. In General, there are many stories that can be told on this subject.”

The second season will take place on 2 September.


Source and photo: thr.ru