Volochkova responded to the accusations of alcoholism

The ballerina told Znamenitka who is actually trying to besmirch

Today the public is actively discussing the scandalous situation around Anastasia Volochkova. After Andrei Malakhov on his page published the clip with participation of Maria Maksakova, the crowd began to discuss who went to Ukraine Opera diva, but then somehow switched to the ballerina, which is also proposed to invite to the air. Commentators were asked to affect Volochkova and her alleged alcoholism. Supposedly Dana Borisov treat may Volochkova will determine somewhere for treatment. “Alcohol to women are horrible. She could not understand their addiction. Anastasia has a clear passion for green snake. Help to get her out of this swamp. She has a daughter,” wrote a follower.

Znamenitka turned to the most Nastya and find out what she thinks about these unexpected charges.

As told in an exclusive interview Volochkova, perhaps it was not without the influence of its former driver Alexander Skirtach, which accuses Anastasia of stealing. The man has long deceived dancer and enjoyed her kindness. And now, when everything came to light, friends of the scammer Nastya are trying to insert a spoke in the wheel. Volochkova even coming on the show, where he spoke about the incident with her.

“I found the strength to come on the show and to open a criminal case on the swindler Skirtach. His wife now considered themselves of the mission and prevent me to live a normal life. I understand that to be at my expense, it was sweet and tasty: to ride in an expensive car, live on more money than could be expected. Dear people, you have to understand who is who! I think each of you was once someone cheated to a greater or lesser extent. The villain is usually seen at a distance, but when he does not manifest himself directly, to understand difficult,” — said Anastasia

Also the actress is very hurt accusations of alcoholism.

“Tell me, please, the people who accuse me of alcoholism: you poured me, drinking with me? It is very easy today to accuse a famous person just so indiscriminately. But it is difficult to justify. Therefore, I advise these people to first of all wash your soul and see their own skeletons in the closet”, said the ballerina.