Voiced the reasons for the departure of Andrei Malakhov “First channel”

Sources familiar with the situation, announced the reasons for the departure of Andrei Malakhov “the First channel” on which he worked since 1992, and becoming the leading rating in the history of Russian television. Sam broadcaster is on vacation and keeps silent.


According to sources, there are three versions of development of events is quite controversial departure of Andrey Malakhov “First channel”, and some of them look quite plausible. For example, the presenter fills his worth against the background of the conflict with the new-old producer Natalia Nikonova, which pushes your pet Dmitry Shepelev and his talk show “actually”. Malakhov thus wants to “knock out” his special powers and the ability to do their program.

Has the right to life and a version with the famous Russian transition leading to the structure of the RTR, where Andrey Malakhov can do their own talk shows and implement one of their projects.

The least plausible version, with the replacement on the channel “Russia-1” the young TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov in the program “live”.

It is worth noting the confidence of many experts in the field of television that Andrei Malakhov after the release of the holiday without work will not remain – the rating of the Russian leading has great credibility among all the TV bosses of Russia.