Vodonaeva announced the imminent release of his new book,

The model tried to make it as useful as possible

“Many of you for many years spoke and wrote me what I would like my book. I never like to say in advance. In global moments, I prefer to keep silent if there is nothing to brag about. And done quietly yet at least 50% of the work done. So that’s misleading, soon to be book!” (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka), — said Alena Vodonaeva its subscribers in Instagram.

According to the model, she tries to stellate everything to the book was the most useful. Since the participation in the project “House-2” the girl had a sharp tongue, being able not only to put in place of enemies, but also to achieve the desired men. Now, in addition to filming, Alain leads his column on the popular online portal, where not afraid to touch upon the sensitive topic.