Vladimir Solovyov spoke sharply about the Dude – 24???

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov criticized the journalist Yury Duda. Known host called the blogger “under-Purulent”, informs L!FE.

According to Solovyov, a journalist is often foul language because it is attempting to “copy” the demeanor of the singer Sergei Shnurov. The moderator noted that the attempt Dude become “Shnurov in journalism” looks mediocre.

Vladimir Solovyov and Yuri Dude “Mat does not replace the brains, mate – it’s only backup,” – said Vladimir, referring to Yuri.

The broadcaster added that the Dude is “incompetent journalist who is less talented than Ksenia Sobchak”.

Many viewers and fans Solovyov, commenting on his statement, supported this opinion.