Vladimir Presnyakov: the youngest son of the legendary quail hits father

In his microblog Vladimir Presnyakov boasted abilities of the younger son of Artemis. In 2 years the boy already sings the songs of his father.

Russian singer Vladimir Presnyakov and his wife Natalia Podolskaya can’t get enough of his younger son Artemy. Not long ago, the boy was 2 years old, but he was able to surprise their stellar parents talent .

The talented son of the talented parents

As the journalist notes, Pointmedia Juliana Ulitkino, Artem Presnyakov growing capable and talented boy. It seems that Artemiy will follow in the footsteps of their parents and become a star.

The boy is already at your young age shows interest in musical instruments and loves the songs from their stellar father.

In his microblog Vladimir Presnyakov published a nice video with Artemy performs his hits “Zurbagan” and “Touchy”.

“Zurbagan and Touchy that I miss so much! Soon I will see My Loved ones!!!”,- wrote in the social network Presnyakov. (RUF. and Item. of the author retained approx. Ed.).


“Wonderful boy! Stood up and the chair put in place!)))) Education!!!”, “Such a nice boy” “Oh. It’s a miracle. Daddy’s song played and sang! And bow!”, “Wonderful little boy!!”

“The kid just like his grandfather the famous”, “Such a sweetheart. Grandfather like it” “Talent! Just like his parents” – praised singing Artemia fans of Vladimir Presnyakov. (RUF. and Item. of the author retained approx. Ed.).

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