Vladimir Presnyakov did Natalia Podolsky chic gift

The rest of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov in the United Arab Emirates recently ended, the couple returned to the cold and uncomfortable Moscow, but the mood of this they have not deteriorated. Anyway, Natalia has reason to rejoice: beloved husband gave her an expensive and very generous gift with the caveat that this is a birthday that celebrates Podolsk in late spring.

Now the singer – happy owner of the white SUV brand Lexus.

“Vova said that on the Day of Birth!!! Now I don’t care what he may. I hope by may he would just forget about it,” wrote Podolski.

Fans of the singer sincerely glad for her, saying what a caring and loving husband she got: “Vova handsome! Congratulations!”, “Class! Well done! That is what it means true love!!!”, “Good Job Vova! Congratulations)) nice gift))”.

Would you like to get something similar to your birthday?

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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