Vladimir Ostapchuk told about family life

Vladimir Ostapchuk told about family life

Leading channel “Ukraine” Vladimir Ostapchuk told about family life, daughters Emilia and the power of women.

I would not have divided the cars into “male” and “female”, but I think the guy with the beard and tattoos unpleasant to sit in a Mini Cooper color Hyper Blue. Although my wife’s Alfa Romeo Giulietta bright red, and I go sometimes on it.

Lena Dunham or Kim Kardashian – who the baddest? Lina, of course! Highly respected women with a great sense of humor. Her role in the TV series “Girls” is just genius, she’s not afraid to speak the truth, to seem imperfect and joke on the brink of a foul.

Lena married more than eight years, we met more than fifteen. My parents live less! Of course, we agree, but to reduce the time of a quarrel, I immediately admit his guilt and run to the plants. Although once played the lead in the beginning of the quarrel first began to cry.

Infidelity in the family is unacceptable. The relationship is still working. And in the current environment nobody wants to work, don’t like it, leave, goodbye, don’t want to. All spoilt for choice, and a strange feeling that the same words can say different people.

Yelled I ever be a woman? Oh, sometimes, I’m a very emotional person. Although the measure know. But what a strange question you have.

The baby is fine and not as hard as many people think. First, the baby still give money (we just repair completed), and secondly – no queues at the Bank and the airport, thirdly, a daughter is a reflection of you. It is therefore important not to raise children, they will still be your copy, and to grow and to change.”

My wife and I love lake Geneva: Montreux, Lausanne, Geneva. Every year go there in may-June. It is very beautiful, like Paradise demo downloaded. I think this is the perfect place for a romantic weekend. And maybe even Sweden, but only in the warm time of the year.

Finances, raising children, fishing in these matters I am helpless. Don’t know anything about breeds of dogs, used to think that there is a breed of “hashtag Terrier. The names of the colors for me – a dark forest, no man can properly call these ingenious combinations! This women “Marsala”, “pomegranate”, “terracotta” – I personally just see “red”.

We Emilia (she’s three) learn Ukrainian and English. In Russian it and in the garden itself speaks. But due to the fact that she has a surzhik, we find ourselves in the unpleasant situation. She likes Taylor swift song Bad Blood. But she said blood with a soft “l”. And when the child cries, “mother, turn on the song blood, I’m proud of that English in our family since birth.

Want me to tell you a funny joke about women, but such that feminists are not offended? The doctor told me recently. Cesarean section – 25 minutes, removal of the Appendix – 30 minutes, heart bypass surgery four hours, the wife went to the hairdresser – five and a half hours.

We have in Ukraine in General, almost all head women. The national Bank, the Finance police… You see how men change when women. On March 8 – all the “seals” and “bead”.

Female bosses in my experience was even tougher than the men. However, with men it is easier – you can “pimp” talk, work out and move on. None of these hints of tension in the air, unsaid. Another distinguishing feature women-head – in an emergency situation, you can enable a “mode girl.” When the guard, all is lost, she says, “And do it – I’m a girl.”

It seems to me that in hell there is a separate tub for those who say “theirs” and “hardly”. Mentally correct other posts in Facebook, but understand there are no perfect people. Although he can sometimes relax, and then I stop laying, and begin to “lay down”.


Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv