Vlad Yama was told about the first meeting with Natalia Mogilev


On Sunday at 21.00 on the TV channel “1+1” premiere new show “Tanzu s with a stars”. One of the intrigues was the name of the partner Natalia Mogilev. The singer performed with Igor Kuzmenko. And Vlad Yama praised the performance of his ex-partner.

In a recent interview with the magazine “Art-Mosaic” Vlad Yama told about his acquaintance with the popular singer and his partner in the first season of the project Natalia Mogilev:

“I remember very well the day we met. We danced a slow waltz. I immediately established a working rhythm in training. It so happened that our couple I took on the role of a dancing chef, and I think it worked. It was an intuitive decision, it was even a little afraid, because nearby was a star on TV.”

Also Vlad said as brings about the little son of Leon, which shows the audience:

“I try not to spoil the child, but at the same time can’t take him in his arms, to not kiss. Don’t know, maybe it’s too gently against the boy, but anything with myself I can’t. Our main idea with the wife – claims mums and dads should always be the same. Even in cases when we want to make each other comments do when Leon is not with us: he must understand that the rules at mom and dad the same.”

Vlad Yama said that apparently Leon is very similar to his father, but with age becoming more like him, Lilianna (his wife – ed. ed.) And my brother.