Vlad Topalov divorces his wife

Less than two years, as a once passionately in love with each other Vlad Topalov Danilina and Xenia were married, and now it became known about the impending divorce.
Couple obmenivatsa vows of eternal love and fidelity in September 2015, filed for divorce. Feeling that their feelings have cooled down, the couple decided to live separately, but realizing that alone they are better than each other and decided to leave.

31-year-old Vlad Topalov and 28-year-old daughter of a wealthy Russian businessman Pavel Danilin broke up a few weeks ago, when the social network the girl was replaced by a double surname at maiden, and in public both began to appear without the wedding rings.
We will remind that Vlad and Kseniya hid their wedding plans, but the paparazzi ambushed them just at the entrance to Kutuzovsky registry office. The wedding ceremony was magnificent, attended by only the closest friends of the couple and relatives.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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