Vlad Kadoni by force shoved Alexander Black in the closet

However, once in a lifetime Black appeared Michael Wirski, the girl stopped to think about Joseph. However, despite the close relationship, the man does not hurry to make the next step in a relationship with a girl. Besides, Michael has perfectly made it clear that for him, Sasha is more of a sister than a potential girlfriend, the site says life-dom2.su.

To help Sasha suddenly came Vlad Kadoni. Seeing the indecision of a couple, Vlad, as the host, forcibly pushed a Black in the closet, and then thrown Mirskogo. And all for the sake of the young people were able to spend time with each other alone in any confined space which has to the intima.

“Kindergarten-second group… Still in pots planted close, would you look and agreed on the overall theme”, “Black and soon her scandal will surpass even Rapunzel” – suggested fans youth telestroke.