Vlad Kadoni accused Olga Rapunzel in the speculation of pregnancy

However, in recent years Kadono was openly “overreact”, sanoviv Rapunzel. To stand up for the future mother hurried her loyal fans, especially because the girl herself said that the reason for the harassment by Kadono lies in the failures in his personal life, and that thus he tries to pull his anger out on her, according to the site life-dom2.su.

Such a statement Rapunzel became an unpleasant surprise for Vlad, which was published in response to the post, which suggested that she is trying to speculate your pregnancy. In addition, Vlad explained why at the time, Olga was married to Dmitry Dmitrenko and why now so diligently trying to distance itself from their spouse.

“Kadono right man man. Even so the male expresses his insides. On more then he was worth and not enough brains. But to involve a head in shoulders and scribbling lampoons. Hero one word” – wrote fans of “House 2”.