Vitaly Malyshev is becoming increasingly difficult to find a common language with the team

For example, Vitaly Malyshev faced a serious problem in the relationship with Alice Litinsky. In addition, the young man becomes more and more difficult to find a common language with the team, which from time to time takes the side of Alice, considering that he’s in the debates and in the relationship with her does not look too grown-up, the site says life-dom2.su.

However, criticism of the young person perceives as a sign of its success, so it is not surprising that his recent statement was received by members of the “hostility”. Furious, Salenko did not hide behind a similar attack on team Malyshev will have to answer, and to support the acne, and seems to be absolutely no one. At least Salenko has promised to zagnobit colleague show all of the Island of love, making his life miserable.

“In front of each other fuckin ‘with me”, “Zach and Valerie-two of a kind, bullies and provocateurs. They have to drive. Salenko imagined about yourself too much,” the audience wrote “House 2”.