Vitaly Malyshev almost cried because of the betrayal of Alice. Video

However, and she Litinskaya not waste time. So, Vitaly Malyshev experienced for myself the shock and disappointment when he was able to see footage of his girlfriend captured kissing Nikita Shlykovym. Furthermore, Alice is not shy about what is happening and not hiding from the cameras, the site says life-dom2.su.

However, Malyshev berating his girlfriend failed. In response, Alice only said that he behaved no better, and stressed, after all that has happened to report to him she is not going to.

“Ugh, almost threw up from the sight! How can I lick this guy?!This is how I had to starve, that would be it?!”, “That kiss – it’s her business. Just Chalukov be disgusting. In character and in appearance. What the girls eat – amazing” – expressed their surprise fans of “House 2”.