VIN Diesel got back with Dwayne Johnson

Some time ago on the set of the action movie “fast and furious 8” quarreled actor and co-producer of the project , VIN Diesel and his colleague Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. Has reached that on his page in the social network, Dwayne insulted Diesel. Not mentioning the name right, he called some of his colleagues “jerks” and “unprofessional”. After insiders confirmed the speculation of fans.

The management of Universal studios, removing the tape, it is not a joke fazed by the quarrels of actors playing the main characters, despite the fact that the filming process came to an end. Let the disagreement was settled, Vice-President of company Mark Surian.
“Everything ended well, and there is no doubt that the conflict is resolved. When the start of the promotional campaign tape, and no one will remember him” — said the insider.
Contrary to earlier information about the disgusting behavior of Duane, blame the conflict is still VIN Diesel. The actor had long lingered in the dressing room of your trailer, at that time, as the entire crew, including his colleagues, were forced to wait for zazvezdilsya artist. “Rock” was holding in his irritation for almost the entire film-making process, but in the end did not survive, showed his temper and has said that he finds it necessary to address VIN Diesel.

An angry post on Facebook has surprised everyone, who had nothing to shoot, but employees of the Studio immediately identified who turned to Johnson. It is unclear whether an open confrontation, or after the intervention producer decided to pretend like nothing happened. Actors and their representatives refuse to comment on the situation.

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com
Photo: https://lenta.ru

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