Viktor Saltykov told how his daughter was on the “New Factory of stars” – 24???

Victor Saltykov, Soviet and Russian singer, gave the press a new interview. According to the artist, Anna moon, his daughter, managed to get on the show “New star Factory,” according to Around.TV.

The musician claims that he knew nothing about the plans of his daughter. As stated by Saltykov, he only found out about it when Anna reached the third round.

Many viewers believe that the singer helped her daughter to go on a musical project. Victor responded to such speculation, noting that Anne independent girl, so I decided to participate in the popular project, without informing even his parents.

Singer Victor Saltykov and his daughter Anna mun “People certainly do not believe that the girl had gotten herself. We have the same as? If you are someone’s child, then pushed. Didn’t know about her intentions, honestly,” said Victor.

Note that the project “New star Factory” was launched with a Grand concert. Ksenia Sobchak, the host of the project, from the stage even admitted that watching the filming, starting to think over the fact, do not do her vocals.