Viktor Erofeev: “I have a Granddaughter older than daughter”

Exclusive Znamenitka: writer, soon to be the third time will be a father, told by someone similar to his unborn child

The famous writer Viktor Erofeev adopts double congratulations: on the day he celebrated his birthday, and in two months will become a father! However, despite the approach of important dates, Victor M. was not afraid to fly thousands of miles to Blagoveschensk, at the XV festival of theatre and cinema “the Amur autumn” to be a part of cynosure. However, he did it on purpose.

“Your birthday, I usually try to celebrate modestly. See, I have escaped to you from Moscow. Can and closer it was to the country, for example, but I was invited to Blagoveshchensk, and it just looked right. Blagoveshchensk — the good news. My wife Kate gives birth in two months is the best gift for my birthday, we’re having a girl” — admitted to journalists Erofeev. According to the writer, this will be his third child. “I gave each wife a child. I have three of them. The son of Oleg with my granddaughter lives in Poland. I have a very wonderful, educated and bright daughter t-Shirt from his second wife. She goes to school at the French Embassy. It’s the best school in Moscow. And in December, to be born daughter. I will have a granddaughter older than my daughter. But what’s the difference?” — says Yerofeyev.

Znamenitka, of course, could not ask Viktor, how are the preparations for the birth of the third child.

“The fact that this is my third child, and I can say, this is the first time, despite the fact that I love my daughter, who is 12 years old, I first listen to everything, perhaps because I really appreciate and love my wife Kate. Perhaps because for me to have the birth the life acquires a new serious quality. But I understand that the life of this devoce has already begun, we saw the ultrasound: she looks like me, same ears. Not to say that it is not. That’s when there was no ultrasound, then it is unclear why and to whom to buy, and now that I saw it, I will do it even before birth. Have not yet purchased anything, but now we will go to Paris and be sure to buy. I live in two cities: there are in Paris and Moscow”, — said the writer.

By the way, to give birth to the wife of the writer, not likely to be in Paris, and in the Russian capital.

“We wanted to America first. But then I met with mark Kurtzer. He said, “Maybe you have parents?” Well, Kurtser is Paris itself!” — concluded the writer.

Recall that to wife Catherine, who is younger writer for 40 years, Erofeev was married twice: on the pole Veslava Skoura and Eugenia dürer. At last not officially. But this did not prevent them loudly to leave and even start to “divide” daughter. According to rumors, she is now officially living with my dad.