Vika romanet told why they with Anton missed the broadcast of the TV project “House 2”

However, despite the presence on the TV show, get the guys on the screens and failed, which gave rise to another wave of rumors. However, to clarify the situation once again failed Victoria romanet. Paradoxically, the reason was quite unexpected and was associated with the idyll of a pair, the website life-dom2.su.

According to the girl, the editors felt that the family idyll, talk about the countries visited by the couple over the past year and plans for the future are not interesting, so they cut it. Even the Victoria and Anton, who are not fooling around, sang and danced, looked sad. The same fate befell Anastasia Lisov, Iryna Pinchuk and Elizabeth Kutuzov.

“I don’t care about the geese and romanet. How much can you give for the discussion of those long gone. The impression is that in addition to the Brine, Tarasov and the novel was nothing more to discuss, and certain” – outraged fans of the youth telestroke.