Viewers will see a black and white version of the fourth “Mad max”

Viewers will see a black and white version of the fourth “Mad max”

Fans of the movie “Mad Max 4: fury Road” will have the opportunity to see black-and-white version of the picture, which Director George Miller said in 2015.

According to the publication Cinemablend, a version called “Black and Chrome Edition” stated in 6 disk collector’s edition “Mad Max: High Octane Collection”, which appeared on the German website of Amazon.

Miller himself stated that he prefers black-and-white version of the film, which is the main dialogues sounded musical compositions Junkie Ex-El. Fans of “Mad max” was expecting that this version will be included in one of the licensed editions, released in October 2015, however this has not happened.

The release of “Mad Max: High Octane Collection” is scheduled for September 29, 2016. Whether it is this version, which said Director, or the audience will be able to see just devoid of color rolling option is not specified.

Recall that “Mad Max 4: fury Road” was released in may of 2015. The picture flopped at the box office, earning only 378 million dollars with a production budget of $ 150 million. However, it was noted by many prestigious awards, including Academy awards.


Source: kinonews.ru
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