Viewers of the TV show are seriously concerned about the son of Evgenia Feofilaktova – Daniel

Not so long ago on the Internet appeared the information about the dismissal of the nanny Daniela, but when you consider that most of the time the boy spent in the company of a nanny, it is obvious that this unexpected situation was a real blow. But if you consider the fact that Zhenya Feofilaktova extremely busy, there were fears that the baby was useless, the website life-dom2.su.

In light of recent events, fans are worried about why Feofilaktova was a rare guest in a private instagram. Eugene is in no hurry to please subscribers, new photos, and stories that have become familiar to many, appear less and less.

“To deal with family is to cook, keep a clean, ironed, sweets baking, pampering their loved ones, etc. I Doubt she is doing”, “would Laugh, but not funny when a child is concerned. What is so busy Thekla, the only daze once time to pay” – shared his opinion of the fans of the youth show “Dom 2”.