Victoria romanet was seen in cheap things. Photo

However, the topic of her relationship with Anton is not dominant, the girl attracts the attention and the changes in appearance. So few people susceptible to the attempts of the girl to imagine yourself skinny. Moreover, quite often appear online evidence of the use of photoshop that can only talk about what Vick tries to hide the shortcomings of their appearance, the website life-dom2.su.

Another confirmation of the fact that the figure in the Wiki is far from perfect, was a video that appeared on the vast world wide web. The footage, which managed to take a passerby on one of the Central streets of the capital, is clearly visible fat thighs romanet and her big ass. In addition, criticism has been bright crimson shoes girls. Social media users found the shoes are not just unfashionable, but in General cheap.

“Normal female figure: butt, legs, only, a little clumsy,” “As for me, it is absolutely normal figure, one might even say cute” – said the fans of the TV project “House 2”.